Saturday, May 11, 2013

End of the Year Review with Zinger

As the end of the year approaches, the Sweet Little Things and I have begun reviewing some of the topics we covered earlier in the year.  One of our favorite ways to review is to play the game Zinger.

As a teacher, I love Zinger because I can use it to review any subject. I simply develop questions that will lead my students to review the intended topic.  

My students love Zinger because it is a fun, engaging way for students to review what they have learned. They love the chance to compete against their classmates.  My students also love completing the zany actions that come when their team gets to draw a Zinger card.

In Zinger, the students are divided into teams.  The teacher poses a question to the class and all teams work to find the answer.  After students have had sufficient time to answer the question, the teacher calls on a team to answer.  When I play this game with my class, I call on the teams in random order (making sure that each team gets an equal number of turns) to ensure that all teams are participating.  If the team that is selected has the correct answer, they earn one point and get to draw a Zinger game card.  If the team gives an incorrect answer, the teacher chooses a different team to try to answer. 

When a team draws a Zinger card, they must follow the action on the card or loose two points.  Some cards have crazy actions such as: "Sing Happy Birthday like an opera singer."  Other cards let the team earn bonus points or take points from another team. 

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