Thursday, April 17, 2014

Free Idea Friday 4/18/14-Place Value

This is the first post in a new weekly series I will be starting on my blog. Each Friday I will feature my 5 favorite free ideas, resources or products that relate to a specific topic or theme.  This week's theme is Place Value.

1. The first free resource I have for you is a great You Tube Video by Common Core 4 Kids. This video shows the places in a visual way. My students loved this video. It really helped the idea of place value "click" for a few of my more visual learners.

2. My second idea, this week, is another great video.  This song was great to help my students remember the order of the places. A few students in my class were begging to listen to this again and again.

3. My next idea comes from My Second Grade Journal. I love her idea of using foam cups as place value sliders.  Students can use these cups to practice place value in a center or to quiz partners. To find directions to make these great place value sliders head over to My Second Grade Journal here.

4. The next resource I have for you is great for your kinesthetic/tactile learners.  Students place the fun game using 10 sided die, beads, and pipe cleaners. Students try to get to 50 points by rolling the die and collecting the corresponding number of beads. When students get a group of 10 beads they make a group of ten by string the beads onto a pipe cleaner. For full directions for this game head over to: Mrs. T's First Grade Class.

5. My final resource for you this week is from Teaching in the Early Years.  I love her idea for using place value tents to teach place value. I especially love that students can see that the value of all of the numbers and see that the zeros do not "go away," but rather are just covered up by other digits. 

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